My Mother Dawn

 I am trying to find the words to say
To say how much I miss you each day
I miss the closeness we have always had
I could always count on you and dad (Kelly)

  I enjoy being with Granny for awhile
She loves me too and makes me smile
But I miss you so much it's hard to explain
Just how much I want us to be together again

  I could not have asked for a better mother than you
You have always been there for me to turn to
Not once have I had reason to feel differently
When God made you mine He sure did bless me

  Mother please know that I love you so much
I miss your arms around me and your gentle touch
And I know that you must be missing me too
I could not ask for sweeter mother than you

Author of this Poem: Vanessa

Page Designed by Vanessa S Garner
March 20, 2008
Granddaughter of Fran G.

~ Mom ~ This page is made with my devotion
That only a daughter could show
With all my love and emotion
This I need you to know
Tears of joy and happiness flow free
Ups and downs we've gone through
Many miles apart now you and me
But in my heart you will always be !!