Lord, I figured it was about time
We had a talk again
And before I forget it Lord
Thank You for the rain

The fields over in the north forty
Were starting to wilt a bit
But just like You always do
You took care of it

Lord, I ain't never been one
To look too far ahead
I just work and do the best I can
To keep my family fed

Whatever comes along
To help me make it thru
I'm grateful for I know Lord
It had to come from you

This life is all I know Lord
I just pray and plant and toil
Trying hard to make a living
By working in Your soil

I know it don't belong to me Lord
Never has and never will
You just let me use it for a while
To plow and plant and till

I'm grateful for what happened
That sad day at Calvary
That you loved this old farmer enough
To bleed and die for me

Well, I guess I better be going Lord
Daylight will be here soon
And I need to get some plowing done
Between now and noon

I'm grateful for this talk Lord
Thank You for listening again
Before I go I want You to know

Author: Jack Young 2001
Page Designed by: Fran G.
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