Do the words keep coming back like a song?
No, the voice is deep in my soul
Sweet and tender words, yet bold
A message I hear within my heart
Trapped as a bird crying to be free
Unlike a melody of music from the start
Alas, the words came clear to me

Jesus was telling me what we all need to know
My friends, come let us Journey for His Love to show

As we tell how He cares in His word
Those that know our Lord and King
Will bless the message we bring
Is this voice haunting you and me
Only we now hold the key

God's message must now be told no longer can it wait
Our world needs Jesus now before it is too late

Author and Page Designed By:
Fran G.@ July 13, 2011

Lyrics to the Wonderful song
was found in the "Christian Hymnal for All"

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