Bracklesham Dreams
So graciously gave permission for use of the graphics.
Betty and Kaye may your friendship continue to bloom and grow.Online Friendships Bloom from the heart and soul and are watered with tears of Joy,Love,Sadness and caring Kindness.. Fran.

In a climate known for blue skies
Tonight there are tears in my eyes
As I waited to board my plane
Knowing I would never be the same

The night was stormy, rain pouring down
My love one was waiting without a sound
With hands tightly clasped our hearts knew
Like sands of time flowing through

The rain had ceased, we walked to the gate
With tears we embraced before too late
My soul cried out in vain
Leaving him to enter the plane

I will miss the love I had been shown
And the happiness here I have known
Now becomes the dreaded goodbyes
Leaving two broken hearts with tears in our eyes

Foot Note:
That was then ~ This is now

Many years have passed, after all this time
Still each night in my dreams, I return to meet my friends
I see my little home, so beautiful with comfort and love
I see my office where I worked each day with loving, caring people
In reality I know I can never return
My heart knows nothing would be the same
Time and things have changed over the years
But most of all the one I loved so deeply has gone !!

Yet, I have my Saviour by my side
Within Him I still reside
He has lead me through trials and pain
As a child of God I shall remain

With His Blessings He did it once more
He dried my tears as always before !!

By Fran G. May 30th, 2005