Do Angels Dream?

If one were to live in a place where life itself is perfect, and there were no needs or desires ... Would there be a need to dream?

Dreams are made up of things we wish, and hope for.  If all of our wishes were granted, all of our hopes fulfilled ... Would there be a need for dreams?

For us, dreams are something to strive for.  Emotional pacifiers to suckle our inabilities to live up to what we believe our lives should be.

The most common denominator of dreams is a line, "If only..."  If only I had done this or not done that ... Would I be living my dream now?

If only I were able to take the pain of loved ones upon myself.  If only life would be given to those who are more deserving than I.  If only I had lived up to the expectation of others.

I feel as though I have denied loved ones of the comfort of knowing that they have accomplished the task set before them at the time of my birth.

I have denied others of the security of a life lived without the pressures of doubt, or disbelief.  Once again "If only..."

Dreams raise more questions than they answer.  Infuse more doubt than they belie.  Dreams sometimes shatter dreams.

So, with all the doubt and confusion surrounding dreams, would they have a place in a perfect world? A place where pain is done away with. A place where doubt is put aside in lieu of assurance?  A place where dreams are lived instead of imagined? ... I don't believe so.

 Do Angels Dream? 

© ~ Isaac J. Holstein