I sometimes get so tired of my journey along these troubled days
But I know that I am where the LORD wants me to be and I follow His ways
I wake each day before daylight go out on my deck to pray
There I meditate until the break of day
I ask GOD to help me follow His step
Now I take one day at the time with His help

Before dawn when all is still and quiet
I thank Him for Blessings bestowed the night
As the sun peeps 'ore my mountain view
I hear the scrambling of His creatures for this day new

They know not what is in store for them
But in their tiny hearts they know they belong to Him
So it is each 'morn before dawn has broken
We all know to us our God has spoken

I have asked for His shield to cover my day
As now the day has arrived and I must journey on my way
To help those in need, He told me so
A duty I need not tell, for only God will know

My Faith is strong because I lean on Him day and night
I trust His word because His way is right
Always and forever 'til my days are gone
I will pray and meditate with Him

Author and Page Designed by:
Fran G. June 24, 2007
Note: I give credit for this poem to my sister for writing some of the lines in an e-mail to me. This is her story and what an amazing Lady she is with her love for the Lord

This page is made with my devotion
That only a sister could show
With all my love and emotion
This I need you to know
Tears of joy and happiness flow free
Ups and downs we've gone through
Many miles apart now you and me
But in my heart I always love you

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Song: It Takes Faith
By: Marty Robbins
Used with Permission