God cares for us always
Not just now and then
His Eternal Love blesses us
Our sins He will mend

His love is a beacon
A glow for us to find
A place in His heaven
And sweet peace of mind

He looks down with sorrow
At what we have wrought
We sometime forget the lessons
That His Son Jesus taught

Still He forgives us
When we go astray
And He will surely hear us
As we bow our heads to pray

If only we obey what it does mean
His lighthouse from our Harbor
Beckoning us with love by His beam
Each day would be a greater tomorrow

Sometimes it's hard to understand
Everything the Good Book does hold
As we try to live by His command
By reading each page we unfold

As written He will guide us 'ore storms
From the mighty roaring sea
Then we shall stand in awe
Of His Eternal Love for You and Me

Author and Page Designed By : Fran G. August 18, 2006

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