As the Shepherd watched his flock night and day
God is watching as His world has gone astray

The beautiful earth created by Him alone
Has turned into a slowly fighting zone
The Peace and Love He bestowed on us
Now seems turned to hate, greed, fighting and dust

The time has come for all His people now
To pray each hour of the day somehow
In these troubled times
what more are we allowed to do?
To save His world and start anew

The answer lies within our soul
God's word will make it again whole
As the fighting rages in countries far and near
We pray this Prayer He answers and will hear

Dear LORD I ask in our troubled time
So many people are left behind
To weather the storm day by day
Believing the battles will soon end
And a new day will soon begin
Our DEAR LORD in Heaven, filling our hearts with peace

LORD, give us strength in these Troubled Times we have made
Let not our hearts grow weary nor afraid
Keep us LORD in Your power
Until we reach our final hour
Our worries will then fade away
And will give us all Peace one day

You, our Lord and Master will always have Control
Over this "Troubled World" and Your hand we must Hold

Author and by Willie Flanagan
December 11, 2008
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