If I could never read God's Holy Book
And never talk to Him each day
If I had no other friend upon to look
I often wonder if His hand I could not hold
If my life became empty and cold
Nor if I could never to Jesus pray
For His guidance every day

And oh how dark the night would be
My tomorrow I would never see
If His light did not shine
How would I know He was not mine?
My heart would never sing a song
I'd wonder where my life went wrong
I would feel so ever in great despair
If I could never talk to my Lord
And know He was not there

You see, He always walks beside me
He never lets me fall
He gently takes me by the hand
And hears my every call
Now I know the dark night will soon be gone
When God gently calls me His own
It is then I know He hears my Prayer
And holds me in His loving care

My heart is full of Love for Him each day I live
He gave His all, my sins to forgive
If to my Jesus, I could never talk
The road that leads to Him I'd never walk
So now to my Lord I go in prayer
For my loved ones to be safely in His care
Then I Pray for my friends, I never forget
His answers have never failed me yet

Therefore, you understand and know
That I never have to WONDER what my life should show
To others I Pray a witness I can be
And live with our God Eternally

Author and by Fran G.
March 1, 2009

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