Jesus, my name is little Mary Grace
But You knew that before you saw my face
My mommie said you even knew me before I was conceived
I dont know those big words, but what she said, I believed

Now, I think Your face I see as plain as day
Will you listen to what my little heart wants to say?
Oh, but You know everything that I am thinking
Cause I just saw one of Your stars blinking

Now, Jesus I want You to know
That every day longer as I grow
I promise to love You more each day
And soon I will learn how to pray
Then I will say thank You all the time
For everything beautiful You said was mine

This beautiful world You made for me
The blue skies, birds, and flowers I see
Oh and the trees standing tall
My JO JO said You made them all
You see, Jesus what I really want to say
I thank You for all my blessings each day

And Jesus, even though I am just a little girl
I thank You for Your beautiful world

Jesus, You know my name is Mary Grace
So in Your hands this poem I place

Author and Page designed by: Fran G. Jan. 2006

Inspired by my Sweet Little Niece Pictured Above

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