Isn't it wonderful to know
That over two thousand yeas ago
A little child in a manger lay
Sent to take our sins away

Isn't it wonderful to hear
The story of His birth each year
To take the time to contemplate
His coming that we celebrate

Isn't it wonderful the carols we sing
Of the coming of our Lord and King
Sent down by His Father from above
To show the true meaning of love

Isn't it wonderful to know without doubt
That Jesus' birth is what Christmas is about
The birth of that precious Child that night
Who lived and died to make things right

Oh, wonderful Saviour, Redeemer and King
It is to You we owe everything
We celebrate Your birth with praise
On this the Holiest of Holy days

~Merry Christmas to All~
Author: Jack Young 12-1-05
Asst.and Page Designed by:
Fran G.

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