Love poured down last night
Seemed heaven came down and glory filled my soul
"twas a beautiful dream filled with blessings so bright
As at the cross when my Savour made me whole

The dream an awesome memory to treasure
Ah, but such a glorious dream
In waking hours celestial scenes would never measure
The answered prayers and praises seen

I dreamed the Lord was with me knowing I needed to talk
To thank Him for His many blessings to me He did surround
"Twas through a garden we began to walk
Through the roses as a petal would fall blessings were there all around

Upon awakening His grace I recall
When at a tender age to God I had surrendered
My heart with gladness and submitted my all
My life then was pure, a glorious day to be remembered

"twas now time again to grasp His hand
Thanks and praises filled my day
Alas the dream I could understand
Love still poured down forever to stay


Now until He tells me why
He loves me so
I'll hold His hand in mine
That's all I need to know

Author: Fran G.@ September 17, 2006

Song: His Hand in Mine

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