I knew it was another Creation of the Lord
During my 23 years in the desert, I marveled at the radiant clear blue sky
A tumbleweed tumbling down the dirt road in front of my car that burst into a million pieces
Cactus that appeared to be at least twenty feet tall and Road Runners beeping as they raced along the roads

I felt God's Presence
I liked the ravishing cool nights. I liked the feel of the sand between my toes
I liked hearing a coyote howling and seeing it get back to his natural habitat

I liked the friendly smiles on friend's faces. I liked the closeness of my friend's families
I loved the little country Church where hospitality the people showed and I learned to love the desert where I was at peace with my Lord

Since I have now left and no longer live there
The Beauty of the Desert is now a Memory in my mind
But I go back there in my dreams so many nights just "visiting my friends" as I sleep but knowing I shall not return in reality
I drift back to my Desert to ask the Lord to Bless all my friends there

Author: Fran G. Jan.7, 2008