They think of a mother's toil and care,
Of the tasks that her hands did do,
Of the furrows that creep o'er the brow once fair, Of the burdens and heartaches too.

Ah, no one knows but Mother.

They talk of her lonely and humble heart, The silent deeds with love in her life she did lead,
The younger were learning, hardships and trials, wisdom and God they would need.

Ah, no one knew but Mother.

There was never a task that to her God gave, When it was finished, a blessing He made. The hours in Prayer brought forth a Faith so complete, For wisdom her loved ones would grow to meet.

Ah, no one knew but Mother.

At times her trials would vanish with joy, but now we know, Our lives to her we must show.
Deeply hidden in her heart with no other,
Ah, no one knows but Mother !!

by: Fran Gaines April 21, 2004/Revised May 10, 2006

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