I cry out in pain each day and night
If only someone could understand
But tears I shed are all in vain
No one to hear my plea alone
Never asking for much only for just
One Touch

Always alone, always wondering
If somewhere is life out there
While in agony and despair
I hear no answer from anywhere
Only yearning all the while to feel
One Touch

Yet, I whisper with tears in my pillow
I know not to whom I plea so much
Anyone, please come talk with me
I will only listen, if you could find
A moment in your heart to give me
One Touch

How long will the roses bloom?
How long was the butterfly in the cacoon?
In their short life of beauty to behold
How amazing were they needing not
One Touch

Shall I forever be as the fragile rose
Or the butterfly too delicate to touch
Time plays an awesome song
Will it be the symphony of
Music I have waited for so long?
Or will it be just another dream of
One Touch

In reality, I often ponder with regret
The ending of a concert I refused to see
Life will change someday as I Pray
Please, God let me stay
A little while longer until I feel
One Touch

But now I am reconciled by my Lord
My time spent only with Him
In Prayer I find, as we talk I am
Not alone, for HE has given me
The Glory of His presence with only
One Touch

HE is my strength my burdens
He bears~He calms my fears
My pain at times decrease
My Anchor holds for I know
My God will give me that final
One Touch

Then as the butterfly and rose
HE created, so shall my life be
Forever painless and free
For finally I have found
The only thing that mattered
Was............. God's
One Touch

Author: Fran G. 1-19-06

Midi Playing: He Touched Me


Whispering Winds