No, you cannot see my face
For it was not meant to be
Until I come and take you home
To forever walk with me

You can only see me withyour heart
For it is there that I live
I have been ever since the day
You asked me to forgive

But I can see you clearly
In all you say and do
And I am watching over you
And daily lead you through

My countenance matters not
That is not what I am about
It is my love that you should seek
And believe without a doubt

If you would see me with your eyes
And gaze upon my face
You must wait until you come
To your home provided by myGrace

Search for me always with your heart
And know that I am there
I've been with you from the start
And you are always in my care

Author Jack Young 5-2-07
Page Designed by: Fran G.
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