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Sing Me a Song

Sing me a song about Jesus
Sing me a song of His glory
Let me hear you sing
I never get tired of His story

Sing me a song of devotion
Sing me about His great love
Sing it to me about victory
That can only come from above

Sing me a song of His blessings
That are there for me each day
He lifts me up and He fills my cup
And lightens up my pathway

Sing to me about His promise
That He would come back for me
To take me home never more roam
To be there with Him eternally

Lift your voice up to Heaven
Let truth ring out loud and clear
Songs let me know He loves me so
And that's what I'm longing to hear

Don't ever stop singing His praises
Let your songs forever be heard
I know that He just the same as me
Always listens to your every word

Author: Jack Young 8-9-07
Page Designed by: Fran G.

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