Have you recently noticed the trees
And felt the freshness in the breeze?
Did you glance up at the sky?
To see the birds flying~oh so high

'Suppose the birds are on their way
Back home to nest, raise their young and play
In the sunshine by day and rest at night
Ah, to be winging with them in flight

Glorious beauty to behold God placed in view
His amazing Rainbow, a beginning of new
Things to come and to all a sign
A Heavenly glimpse of God's design

In His wisdom for us no doubt His guide
Fulfilling HIS promise of our home by His side
As the birds we'll trust Him by His Grace
While anxiously awaiting His embrace

In God's Glory there we shall see
Strokes from our Master's hand as He
Paints the Rainbow for you and me
All colors will blend not a one left out
A witness of what His Love is all about

Author and Page Designed
By: Fran G. @ April 7, 2008

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