There are steps above no one can see
God said in His Holy Word keep them in memory
At times some steps were rough with trials and pain
Others were happy and blessed with a lot to gain

Those first steps with our Lord were there for learning
As a new child in Jesus, we kept yearning
Needing more knowledge and time with Him each day
We learned to understand how to walk His way

By reading His word, He taught us patience, compassion and love
Each step was guided from God above
Many years have passed since that first step
It could not have been taken without His help

God had planned work on earth for Him we must do
His Holy Bible taught us to witness, teach and bring a lost one to Christ anew
Countless joy and Blessings we always received
When one lost sheep confessed and in Jesus their hearts believed

To give their lives and Trust in His word
Living and learning the Greatest Story ever heard
Time has now slowed our steps, as we take them one day at a time
Knowing we soon will reach our Lord, our souls will shine

Won't you begin your steps now as we did so long ago?
In the end we all shall meet, how glorious everyone we'll know
All our steps were now worth while
As we see our Jesus' heavenly smile

While we prayed so long ago His answers are soon to be known
Will you believe and someday join us to our Father's Throne?

Author and Page Designed by: Fran G.
March 28, 2009

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