Up on the highest mountain
Beneath the deepest sea
If you ever need the Lord
That is where He will be
(Anywhere on earth)

He is looking in on us daily
And cares for us constantly
And if you ever need the Lord
He is right beside you and me
(HE loves us all)

His love has no boundaries
From mountains to shinning sea
Any time you ever need Him
There is where He will be
(HE watches 'ore us)

Thru times of trials and troubles
When it seems all hope is gone
Call on Him and He'll hear you
For He takes care of His own
(HE hears our Prayers)

If perchance you have not read
HIS Good Book with tender care
Just take it off that special shelf
You'll surely find God is still there
(Renew your Faith)

Reach up reach out to seek Him
He is always waiting patiently
Wherever He is needed
That is where He will be
(HIS arms open wide)

Author: and Page Design by Fran G. September 1, 2006
Inspired and Dedicated to: Jack Young
Thank You Jack

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