Jesus has written you a letter, Kissed by the Spirit from up above; Sent from heaven by special delivery, On wings of God's holy dove.

This letter holds the secret To your happiness (divine Peace and joy can be found); Written with love in every line.

The sweetest story every told, From the beginning to the end; Genesis to Revelation, Filled with power to destroy sin.

The promise of a Savior, Who would die on Calvary's tree, Is fulfilled within the pages Of this love letter to you and me.

It was signed by the blood of Jesus, Who died for us upon a tree. Just one drop of his precious blood And a lost sinner can be set free. Words of life and power, Promise of a home above The story of his resurrection,  Holy Spirit descending as a dove.

Within this Bible is the plan of salvation (Sealed by love from God's own heart), Plans for life with him eternal; Offering all a brand new start.

The greatest story every told, Sent in letters inspired from on high. Oh, what happiness it brings us, When he says we shall live and never die.   All he asks is that we believe him, Trust upon his holy name; Accept the blood of his New Covenant Which takes away sin, guilt, and shame.

Sweeter words were never spoken Than these words from God, above. For, God loved the world so freely, He sent to us his only Son. The Father sent Jesus as the 'Rose of Sharon' (His fragrance the sweet smell of heaven, above); Blessings sent down by rains of his Spirit, Filling us with peace and surrounding us in love.    If we call, by faith, unto Him, Look upon him and only believe, He will come and dwell within us. It is by faith we receive.

  In these words you can fine the answers to all your questions you may need to have answered...Thank-You Jesus once again, You Jesus are the only one that trully understands all our needs... Amen


Rewritten By Country Lady


God Bless The USA and All Our Troops and Their Famlies


This page was written for a Dear Friend whom is having a hard time right now. God Bless You and Yours Hope. Jesus Loves You Sweetie! Hope this helps you in a big way. :) No fear is needed here, just great things a head of you sweetie!