Our Precious CountryLady, MaryAnn Brill, went home to be with our Lord on January 27, 2010. For many years she wrote us messages that wasn't just from her heart, but was a piece of her heart. I am honored to be the guardian of her writings so that we may continue to enjoy them. MaryAnn was very passionate about spreading the love of Jesus Christ, and creating her webpages gave her the means of fulfilling that destiny in her life.

Each one of us was a treasure to MaryAnn. I know personally that she prayed everyday for each of us, calling out our names to the Lord, inspite of her challenges with MS. She touched us deeply, and will never be forgotten. This page is a tribute to her, as the inspiration she was to us with her messages of concern, hope, wisdom and love. She is loved so much, by so many, and will be missed beyond words.

Blessings to all who visit here, Marvaline.

Poems and Writings by CountryLady

A Brand New Day
Love Letter From Jesus
All Sins Forgotten
Angel By Your Side
Purple Butterfly Angel
Angels Are Very Upset
You're Never
Embrace The Light
Friends Are Angels
God Bless
Good Morning Prayer
Holy Ghost Thru Jesus
I Offer My Pain
Is This My Last Day
Jesus And His Animals
Jesus Life
Pure And Beautiful
Jesus Taking Care Of His Sheep
Joy To My Heart
A Life That
Lord Take My Pain
May I Come In
May We Talk
My Favorite Book
My Friends
My Hope Is In My Lord
Never Give Up
One True
Power Of Prayer
Reminder Of Love
The Lord Will Smile
Someone Somewhere
Spring Is Coming Soon
Storms Of Our Lives
Take My Hand
Thank You Jesus
The Bible Says It All
The Lighthouse
The Secret Within Me
Thinking Of You
To All My Angel Friends
True Angel Story
Very Special
Owe You So Much Lord
Welcome Home
When Saddness Comes
Valentine's Day Jesus
Happy Easter Jesus
He Will Guide Us
Happy Thanksgiving
A Letter From Jesus
Merry Christmas Family & Friends
Christmas Peace

Special poems written for CountryLady

"My Special Friend"
written by Nancy Stephens
"Earth Lights"
written by Mary Silva

I remembered that MaryAnn used to have a photo album on the internet, so I went searching and found it. I thought I would post it here since it is already on the internet. If anyone has any objections, please be sure and let me know. Thanks, Marvaline

Please feel free to post your thoughts here, at MaryAnn's Guestbook.
We all miss her very much.

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