"Good Morning Jesus", I have some things for you to Handle for Me Today. I'm only Human and I need your help My Lord. I have Stress, Pain, Money Worries, Children and Grand Kids Worries. Also, My Friends and Family have a lot of troubles they need help with their lifes also, My Lord. I'm so glad you come to visit me each day. What would I do without you by my side each day? Thank-You Lord. I feel better already. ~~

Friends ask me all the time, now I do what I do and Handle All with a Smile. Well here is the answer plain and clear. You can do the same thing and feel the Peace Inside I feel. Laying here not able to move from Ms is a very heavy cross to carry.Sometimes I feel I've been robbed of everything.I'm back to being a Baby, again. Some of you know me in person, some only by email, but god knows me inside and out and what i'm trying to do here. If I can do it, you can. ~~

As I write each word about My Burning Ms Pain. It is also for every other kind of pain we humans must endure on our earthy trials. We all offer it up to you, My Lord. I know now, how you must have suffered. I'm honored to suffer to get to Heaven to be with you and all the Angels waiting for me. I know pain is how to get there. Give me Strength Lord to be with Thee Lord!~~

My time is in your hands Lord. I want you to use me for whatever way you need me to do. All I want is to please you and make you proud of me. I hurt so much, but I know your near as the pain is getting easlier to handle. May God Bless every pain a person has to suffer, but please know in the end it will all be worth it, my friend. May everyone who has read my story gets something out of it. That was my intention for writing this page. I wish you all enough. God Bless Us All and Our Troops For Saving Our Freedom. I just used the Freedom Of Speech. Thank-You! In God We Trust, Amen! ~~

Lord give us the courage to always believe You for our healing-even when we think that we don't deserve Your encouragement and love, or when the pain is sometimes so blinding that we are beginning to guestion You. Remind us through You we can do anything! With You ALL things ARE possiable and that inculdes healing...Amen

Written By Country Lady


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It Is No Secret