"Happy Fourth Of July 2004"! This page is Dedicated to all men and women who wear Proudly Service Uniforms now or in the pass. Doesn't matter when or what war. You are All Our Hero's and we are so Very Proud of You All. Don't forget to thank anybody wearing a Uniform...

The war going on now is far from being over. We have men dying daily over in Iraq four of which were Vermonters in my home state in this last week.. We have lost eight men so far. We are a small state, so you see the price is being paid dearly by everyone. Our Freedom Rings, because of these fine men and women...

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the famlies and friends of the loved ones that give all. They are all in Heaven now. Let us never forget these brave souls that are in a better place now. Also the ones that are still over there fighting for our freedom, still along way to go. We need to pray more then ever, all of us together can make a differents... God Bless The USA..... Amen!!!!!

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