Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving To God, Family and Friends... Skin color, Church, Sex, Age or Language doesn't matter in Our House. We are all equal Man, Woman or Child. We are all Gods Children and He Loves us all Equally..Amen

First I want to apologize to the Indians for stealing their land from them. It was not fair in anyway, please forgive us white man for doing so many years ago?...Amen

God you must be very upset with The Beautiful World you made for us? Everything was so beautiful and everything was here for man to live on. Cures for diseases were here on or in the land, water and foods for us to be healthy...Amen

Man has dystroyed the Lands, Waters and Seas for his own pleasure. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats and other toys for their enjoyment. Gas and jobs sites pouring waste into our waters making the Fish and other Seafood no longer eatable. Please forgive us Lord, We Are All Guilty of these things..Amen

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted him and I a helper Psalm 28:7

Written By Country Lady


Song playing is: Thanksgiving