Lord I come to you on bended knees, the world is no longer a safe place to live without you in it. Even the USA LAND OF THE FREE is no longer free with you gone. Our troops are in war now to save our freedom, don't let our men die in vain, get new blood in these high places. We need a big change and with God with us, how can we fail? You were taken one piece at a time and now you are gone. No where to be seen and we need you back, as soon as possable. Lord hear My Prayer to You on this day 08/ 30™/ 2006. Tell me how to start and my work will start today with this wepage for all to read.I cannot do this on my own, but together with God with us, we cannot fail...

God is very unhappy with His World he make over 6000 Years BIblical Times. He gave man free wiil and man in return, man has ruin His Beautiful Earth. First we need Our Lord back in Power in every respect, starting in Our Lifes. The Ten Commandments back in Our Court Houses and God back in Our Schools. What happen to the Catholic Religion, only 48 Priest left in Vermont? Get new leaders to put Our First Religion back together again and let Priests and Nuns get married. They are all human to, you know, these laws were written by man not God. Let new laws be written, man make drugs and in return made our minds messed up badly. Our Own Goverment has failed us all badly, in all ways. We need new people in Washington, or we are lost forever. Let new people back in the seats of Congress and The Senate...Amen

I'm only one person, but one by one we can win this battle and with God with us now, how can we lose? God Bless Us All and I pray today is the start of something beautiful. Love you all. please sign my book to let me know if i did right, thanks in advance. God is the backbone to Our Country the USA, let Him show you how things should be.He'll be so happy to hear from you again, even if it has been a long time you haven't gone to him. Time means nothing to him, He loves you, your His Child Please pray that President Bush will do the right actions for Our Country in Gods name we Trust...Amen

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes  hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

Written by Country Lady: 8/28/06

Song playing is:Heal The World

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