Just wanted to say Hello Lord before my day starts. Today, I leave myself in your hands complelely. I've leaned walking in your footsteps daily, I do much better then doing it by myself

Took me awhile to learn this, but now that I have, life is Beautiful. Even if I cannot Walk, Move or do for myself. Ms has taken these actions away from me. This bed you gave me, is a great one to lay in daily. Thank-You for that, in case I forgot before

I know you didn't give me this Ms diease, but I'm glad I got it. As I was living a life of sin before and my Ms saved me. Got me to You Lord and saved me from the Fires of HELL FOREVER

Thanks for giving me Bud. He is the best caregiver in this world. He is my angel on earth and together, we live a great life. He was saved from the fires of HELL, also. Together we saved each other. With Your Help and Love, Amen!

Written By:
Country Lady