Merry Christmas Family and Friends

This is a Very Special Time of the Year. What makes it more Special is YOU. I have made some Great Friends on the www. We have been throught a lot together.

We have Laugh, Cried, Told Jokes, Prayed and helped put a Smile on a persons face, after something goes wrong in their life. I believe you are all Angles God sent into our lifes, to help each other until we Go Home.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. We wish you Love, Happiness and God's Peace.

A Special Thanks To Marvaline, Linda, Rick and Sandy for their help and kindness to myself. Without Them, There would be no Country Lady Home. They are very smart men and women. Whom taught me about the World of Webpages. God Bless You All and Thank-You.

Let us never forget 09/11/01. God Bless The USA and Our Troops and their famlies this Holiday Season. Last and not lease My Family Bud, Lori, Brenda, Tammy and Todd...Then Buds Kids Ron, Nancy, Francis and Marge Ann.... THE BEST THERE IS... LOVE YOU ALL!.~*Bud and MaryAnn*~

Written By Country Lady:


Song Playing Is:

Silent Night