Take My Hand and I will lead you Home to be with me someday. You never know what day, so be ready everyday. Ask forgivness for you sins daily and when I do come, you'll be ready to come Home...

Someday soon the sky will open and you will see Me coming to get my loyal followers. This is the day you have all waited for my children. It will be very soon this I promise you. At last, no more pain, unhappness, worries or suffering of any kind...

Get ready for your awards that are waiting for you. You'll be so happy and the biggest award is to see †Myself Jesus† plus †Our Father, God Himself†.
All your pains and heartaches will be worth what you will receive in Heaven...

Go a head my child, take my hand the time is now and I will show you the way home. You did a good job for me here on your trial on earth.
God Bless Everyone you reads these words. They are from My Father in Heaven...Amen

Written By Country Lady


Song Playing is: Peace In The Valley

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