by MaryAnn
May 30, 2003

    My name is MaryAnn and I'm known as Country Lady on the www. This is a true story about the miracles I have personally experienced, including one that holds special significance in my life since I was ten years old.
    It has been on my heart to share this story with you, to hopefully give you a reason to believe in God who loves, and faithfully takes care of us.
    I was called a Miracle Baby from the very start of my life. Mom was 46 and Dad was 56. There were twelve years between me and my youngest brother.
    When Mom was giving birth, the doctors nearly lost her. In order to save her life, they had to pull very hard to deliver me from the birth canal where my arm had gotten lodged. I had so many problems the doctors had given up on me.
    When I was three days old they didn't expect me to make it through the night. But Mom, being a very strong catholic, went to the Chapel with many of her friends, and they prayed for me all night long. When morning came, Mom and Dad were told that all of my vital signs were suddenly normal.
    The Doctor said it was unbelievable. Of course, Mom knew that God had heard their prayers and said, "No, when you have God working for you, only good can come out of a bad situation."
    "This child is blessed and will do well in life," was the doctor's comment back to Mom.
    From that moment on, I was known everywhere as the Miracle Baby. I left the hospital with only one defect, my left arm was unuseable, tight against my chest.
    When I was nine years old, Mom found a doctor that would operate on my arm. He reversed the front and back muscles of my shoulder. This surgery was the first of its kind. And by God's grace, the operation was a success.
    For one year I wore a cast from my wrist up, with a support that held my arm straight up in the air. I was in alot of pain, and had to go to physical therapy. I remember the first time I was able to carry anything with my arm. It was after one Easter morning Mass and I carried a loaf of bread. Mom was so excited and said it was a 'gift!' Since that time I've never had a problem with my arm. I have my own way of using it, and it works great for me.
    My Dad and I were very close. When I was ten years old, he had a stroke and was in the VA Hospital in White River Junction, Vermont. He had been in poor health, and I knew he was going to die very soon. I was very afraid of death, and what was going to happen to me and Mom.
    One Saturday night I was watching Gunsmoke, This was my Dad's and my favorite TV show. A soft voice came out from my Dad's bedroom. I had always been afraid of my Dad's bedroom because of the window that was in there. I was also afraid of the dark. But when I heard the soft voice call to me, this time I wasn't afraid.
    I went into Dad's bedroom and over to the window. I saw a big bright light come into the bedroom from out of the sky. It was an Angel. She was beautiful, dressed in white, and had that very soft voice. She took my hand and we went out into the living room.
    She put me on her lap and said to me, "Your Dad will be dying soon, but he will be going to Heaven to be with God again. You be a good girl and take care of your Mom. When you die, you'll be taken to Heaven to be with your Dad and Mom."
    She then took my hand and as we walked, we passed by the bathroom where Mom was washing my new butterfly shirt that she had just made for me. Mom caught a glimpse of me and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was going with the Angel. Because Mom could not believe I was headed toward Dad's bedroom, and the window that I was so afraid of, she again asked, "what are you doing?"
    Although Mom was questioning me, I continued to walk on with the Angel who went right through the door. Of course, I couldn't go thru the door, so I opened it.
    The Angel turned to me as she pointed out the window, and said, "See, there isn't anything here to hurt you. Nothing in the dark or out there."
    Then the Angel brought me back into the living room. She gave me a hug and said, "I have to go now, but you be a good girl, and I'll always be with you." She then left the same way she had come in, through my Dad's bedroom window. I couldn't tell you how many times I returned to the window searching for her, and hoping that she would come back. To this very day, I can feel, even smell, my Angel near me at all times day and night. And I have never since been afraid of the dark.
    My Dad did die a few weeks later. But because I knew he was with God, I took his death very well.
    Mom took me to our priest and told him my story. He said how lucky I was because I was chosen, and when this happens to children it is for some specific reason.
    Since that time, my mother, my brothers and my sisters have all died. I am 56 years old, and bed-bound because I have MS. But God has been so very good to me. You see, I have four wonderful children and ten beautiful grandchildren.
    God also blessed me with an earthly angel, my caretaker, best friend, and companion, Bud. On August 1st we will celebrate 26 years together. There is no finer man on this earth than Bud. He has given so much of himself to me and my care. I love him deeply.
    So you see, God has Blessed me in many ways as I have traveled this journey in life. And He continues to bless me as I now have many wonderful friends on the internet and webtv.
    I may not be able to do much for the world, but I hope this story will help someone to believe. And if that happens for even one person, I know I will have accomplished what I was suppose to do for My Blessed Lord.

"Thank you Jesus, my Lord and Savior for your grace that has allowed me to tell my story. All the glory goes to you. I hope I did you proud, and that people will come to know you Lord. That they may know that anything is possible with You. I'm proof of this, for everyday is a miracle for me." ~Amen

Thank you for reading My True Angel Story, and may God bless you all!
Country Lady