Having God's Peace is then having the best life possible. All we have to do is ask for it. He is always there, it is us that forgets Him. He never has forgotten us, in good or bad times. He waits in the slient hours of the days and nights, for our return to Him.

When we were born, God put this void inside of each one of us. Until we return to Him and become reborn in His Name. We will always be looking for something and all along He is the answer we all long for, so very much.

No amount of Money, Sex, Drugs, Jobs, Jewelry, clothes, furs, cars will even start to fill that void we all have. He is the answer to all of our problems. With him anything is possible. Without Him we are dome to end our lives unhappy and burn in the Fires of Hell Forever.

Now we know the answer, so lets do it. Start today and your life will change so much, so fast, you won't believe it. May The Peace of The Lord Be With You Now And Forever, Amen.

Written By: Country Lady
Song Playing Is: Amazing Grace