It is that time of year again Jesus. People shopping, singing christmas songs, pretty bows, ribbons and lights. Where are you Jesus and Where is Christmas Peace? We are In War, our men dying daily, No Peace Here. ~~

Getting ready for your Birthday, Jesus. I know you want me happy, but this cannot be. I cannot find YOU anywhere. I went to the school and you aren't allowed there anymore. In Name, Prayer, Picture or in the Flag Salute. In their place came Drugs, Guns and everything Bad. ~~

I went to the Courthouse and The Ten- Commaments were gone. What in the world is going on? Our Goverment better take a long look at what is going on here. Put a STOP to this now. Put YOU back where YOU belong. When You left the DEVIL walked in. ~~

I even went to church and went up to the Manger Scene, but when I looked in the Hay, you weren't there neither. Jesus there is one place you'll always be. They cannot and will not never take you out and that is in MY HEART. I LOVE YOU, BABY JESUS. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I LOVE YOU, AMEN. ~~

Written By:
Country Lady12/13/03

Song Playing Is:
The First Noel