Here's some 2012 pictures of our Precious Pets.

My Little April aka Twinkie - age 13

April's always been a sunbather since her days in Florida. She has had this outdoor ottoman all her little life. Over the years we've had to cut down the legs so that she can get up on it when she wants. Looks like we might have about another inch to go.

My Abigail aka Miss Abbey - age 9

Miss Abbey is the sweetest when she's asleep. You would never know by looking at her that she can be a real twit at times. I'm told every family has one. LOL But we love her just the same.

My Sweet Sadie aka Yum-yum - age 6

Sadie is the baby in this family and everyone treats her like it, too. But she has a sense of humor about it and is always making us laugh. LOL

2012 picks of the year.
I just love it when I catch the girls talking to each other.
They're just too cute! LOL

Hope you enjoyed your visit. Hugggggggz ~Marvaline

Midi: On The Good Ship Lollipop
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20 December 2012