Picked you out when you were three days old
You were my little pot of gold
Held you in my hands, your eyes not yet open,
You filled my dreams of all I was hopin'

Gave me a kiss and a little nibble
I took you home and gave you some kibbles
There at home you met your brother
He would love you like no other

Your tummy in need of repair
You stole my heart, so I didn't care
Oh, the sweetness in your big brown eyes
Makes me want to really cry

Love to have your tummy rubbed
Didn't care much to be in the tub
Filled me with so much joy
Right there to greet my baby boy

Always with me through it all
To give me a kiss should I fall
These past few months you grew so frail
To think of the end would make me wail

The hardest thing I had to do
Was to say good-bye to holding you
I couldn't bare to see you suffer
To set you free was my only buffer

My heart is broken, I hope you know
I gave you to God because I loved you so
In the arms of the angels you will be
I'll see you again someday, you'll see

In God's tender loving care
I'll love you forever, my precious Hunny Bear.

Poem by Theresa Keatley,
In memory of her beloved Little Princess, Hunny Bear.
January 16, 1994 - November 24, 2007

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Copyright Bruce DeBoer, being used with permission.
All photographs of Hunny Bear copyright Theresa Keatley.

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