I needed a perfect friend,
To get me through the day,
Somebody to be there,
And say that it's OK.

I needed a perfect friend,
Who comforts me when I'm sad,
Who's there when I am happy,
Even more when times are bad.

I needed a perfect friend,
Who likes me for me,
Someone to understand,
And just let me be.

I wanted a perfect friend,
And I found one in you,
Somebody to support me,
In everything I do.

I don't know what I did to deserve you,
I'd really like to know,
But I will really suffer,
When it's time for you to go.

So before it is too late,
One message I must send,
Thanks for everything that you've done,
For you are my perfect friend.


And to those of us who love and
have loved our precious kitties.

Permission was received from
CastleMountain Cards
to reprint this poem in memory
of my precious Krystal.

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up at various graphic groups. The artists
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