So many years upon this earth
To share the blessings of his worth
That special moment in our hearts
That he will always be a part

  Through thick and thin and all we share
His heart the glory that we wear
Remembrances we keep in treasures
By things in life that we can measure

  Shadow had that special glow
That tenderness that we did know
A gift from God he was indeed
All his life he filled our need

  Now he's in a special place
Where time and beauty can be traced
In flowing hills and streams that flow
Our Shadow's love goes on we know

  Within the trees and winding paths
With loyal hearts that now have passed
His special paw prints made in gold
Are precious treasures we now hold

  So thank you Shadow for the years
The days of laughter and of tears
We know that you have reached a place
Where Loyal Hearts are all embraced.

  ~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright October 30, 2005

Shadow was a gentle soul. He always put the well being of other furry family members above his own. We always called him the "Daddy." He always let the others walk in front of him; sometimes under him. He never minded when they would interrupt him in order to eat from his bowl. Whenever he played tug-of-war he would always let them win. And he always tried to keep their faces clean.

Shadow was a loving, nuturing pup. He wasn't demanding, and he never once complained. He never seemed to require alot of attention like some pups do. Yet always close by for alittle pat on his head, or a scratch behind his ear. He seemed to convey a genuine sense of gratitude for his lifestyle. He was simply a beautiful dog. Not only physically but spiritually. He was definately a diamond, already polished.

A very special thank you to Francine Pucillo for the writing of Shadow's beautiful poem. Be sure to visit Francine's website "Poetry Emotion By Francine." There you will find many wonderful, heartfelt poems that will nourish your soul.

This page is dedicated to all the beautiful memories of Shadow created by Marvaline, Shadow's Auntie "M," to help comfort the heart of my dear friend Helen, Shadow's Mommie.

Midi: "Here To Comfort You"
Used with permission
Written and copyright by Bruce Deboer