This was written by my closest off-line friend and is being shared with the hope that it may help others. Even as a Christian, sometimes it is hard to identify destruction growing in our lives. Although Christians are forgiven, we're not perfect. My friend was able to put words to it, the Abyss, and it ended up bringing her a deeper understanding of God's love and devotion. God's blessings to all. ~Marvaline

"I found myself in a situation that I could not control. It was a situation that truly required God's intervention. I didn’t know at that time, but instead of turning to Him, I turned away.

Before I knew it I was sucked into the abyss. What is it like? Well it's a place you don't realize you're in until you can't breath. It's dark, very dark and lonely. At first you don't realize it. You fight for your every breath and can’t get fresh air. You don’t know what you're doing. Everything in your life begins to enter into this big black hole. You don't understand what has happened. All you know is that you want to clutch at walls. Why?!

It worsens as you begin trying to get out of something that you don't even know you're apart of. Your whole world…, everyday life…, it all becomes anger. Your existence becomes a blur. Ironically, you still believe you're in control, but really you’re not.

As for me, I forgot about the one thing that saved my life before..., the Lord. In this place, God doesn't enter. I didn't cry out to Him for help. Somehow I was so far down in the abyss that I didn't even think to call upon Him. I did the everyday things that were routine. I felt I was doing okay. I never realized my behavior had manifested into something evil. I continued on, blaming everyone else for my anger. As my feelings went on for weeks getting worse, I felt smaller and smaller in this new world of mine. My body began to take the brunt of my emotions.

Thankfully, a friend asked me one simple question..., have you been feeling close to God? As I uttered no, I realized that was the problem. My feelings of anger and bitterness had grown so large there wasn’t any room for Him. I began to weep as we began to pray.

Although I have been a Christian for ten years, I somehow lost sight of the one reality that could and has helped me, my Father God. Once I turned to Him I realized I was not alone. He was there with open arms and gentle words. I am now back on God's page, and there's no other place I want to be."

The abyss is a real place. If you are finding yourself any where near this place reach out to Jesus. He is waiting to help you. If you haven’t chosen to accept Jesus Christ as God’s only means of salvation you may want to consider it at this time.

"God's Plan For Salvation"

"And anyone who calls on the
name of the Lord will be saved."
(Acts 2:21)

Midi: "At The Wishing Well"
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