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Absent Friends
Across The Miles (Thanks to James Titus :-))
Aerith (Absolutely beautiful!)
Afternoon Dream
After The Sunrise
Ahead Of Us
Aquarius (For my Aquarian hubby)
Air That I Breathe
All By Myself (Celine Dion)
All I Ask Of You (Phantom Of The Opera)
All This Night (Guitar)
Almost A Whisper (Yanni)
Alone On The Sea (A haunting tune)
Amazing Love* (Carson Hall)
American Hymn (In honor of 9/11/01)
Angels Dwell Among Us (composed by Haven C. Krueger for his wife, Ruby, whose angel watches over them)
Annie*s Song (John Denver)
Aria (Yanni - live at the Acropolis)
Autumn Leaves
Awakening (A "must hear")
Ayeka A Japanese tune sent to me by Chris, (Sabor) (Thank you Driver70 for "unzipping it!")

Ballade pour Adeline
Beautiful (Thanks to Paul Johnson)
Beautiful Times
Behind The Waterfall (By David Lanz.)
Because You Loved Me
Be Still (Simply beautiful.)
Birds Of Morning (If you are interested in some marvelous poetry, please visit "My New Garden Of Poems" whose webmistress kindly allowed me to use this song.)
Bittersweet Symphony (Just beautiful)
Book Of Days (Enya)
Braveheart Theme
Brian*s Song (I always cry when I hear this)
Bring Him Home
Butterfly (Mariah Carey - again, Starman finds it.)

Call the Man (For Margaret)
Canta Libre (Neil Diamond)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (I sure can!)
Caribbean Blue (Enya)
Casper (Thank you Brenda)
Chariots Of Fire (I used to listen to this by a waterfall.)
A Child*s Dream
China Blue
China Roses
Climb Every Mountain (We all climb small hills every day.)
Close To You (It*s not THAT song)
Clouds (A "feel good" song)
Color Of The Summer Sky
Colors Of The Wind
Come Lord (Contributed by James Titus)
Come Sail Away (Thanks HIWAYSTAR)
Conquest of Paradise (For my Brazilian friend, Guido)

Dances With Wolves
Dance of Tears (From Titanic)
Daybreak (From Roger*s Midis)
Daydream Believer (I know I am.)
Deep Forest (Close your eyes and just imagine.)
Deer Hunter Theme
Diana (That*s my name!)
The Doe (Contributed by Silverminnow)
Dreams (I found this in a foreign language group & loved it.)
Dreams (by Margie Harrell of Llerrah Music and requested by Marsha in loving memory of her son Jeff.)
Dueling Banjos (Paul Johnson on banjo #1.)
Dust In The Wind (An oldie but goody.)

Ebb Tide (I love the sound effects)
Enchantment (The sound, really is)
Emmanuel (Absolutely beautiful)
Endless Love
End Of Night
Eres Tu (You Are)
Europa (Recommended by "The Blue Fox")
Evening Falls (Another by Enya)
Evening Song (Watching fireflies)
Evergreen (Barbra Streisand)
Everything I Do (I do for you.)

Fairy Tale (Enya)
Faithfully (Journey)
Fantasy (A happy little tune.)
Far Away Times
Fernando (Abba)
Fields Of Gold (Sting)
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Roberta Flack)
Flower Duet
Fly (Requested by Lisa)
Following You
For the Beauty of the Earth (Composed by John Rutter)
For The First Time
Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks)
From A Distance (Truer words were never sung)
From Another Shore
From This Moment On (Shania Twain - requested by Judy.)
From Where I Am (Enya)

Give Thanks (Thanks to all who corrected me.)
Going Home
Good Friends (How appropriate for this to be listed under "Give Thanks.)
(Guido*s Request)
Greatest Love Of All (Whitney Houston)

Haiku (Thanks for the name "~BT~".)
Harps Of Angels
He (Requested by Jessica)
Here Comes The Sun
Hero (Mariah Carey)
Hold On To Your Dreams (I do.)
Hot Hot Hot (Reminds me of Antigua)
Humming Chorus (From Madam Butterfly)

I*ll Stand By You (The Pretenders)
Imagine (Donated by Cal*s Gallery Plus A fantastic Art Site)
Immortality (Simply pretty.)
Impossible Dream (Man of LaMancha)
In Dreams (Roy Orbison)
In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
In This Life (Requested by Leah)
In Your Eyes (Reminds me of my hubby)
Island Drums (Contributed by Nels, "Netcitizen")
Island Of Life (Kitaro - my son played this for me at his wedding and handed me a flower for each year of his life.)
Island Of Mystery
I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston)

Jackie*s Strength (A really pretty tune.)
Jewelz Theme (Given to me by my dear friend, Jewlz -"hugs" my friend)
Just For You (Contributed by Rogers Midis (I will be adding more of Roger*s original compositions shortly. Thank you Roger, for allowing me to use them.)

Key Largo
Keeper Of The Stars (Added with permission & thanks to Margi Harrell of LLERRAH Music)
Keys To Imagination (Kitaro again)
Kiss From A Rose

Last Song (Certainly not my last!)
Last Spring*s Snow
Leaves on the Seine
Let The River Run
Light Of The Heart
Light Of The Spirit (Kitaro)
Listen To Your Heart (If we all did, we would always do the right thing.)
Longfellow*s Seranade (Neil Diamond)
Loss Of Me (Beautiful Piano Piece)

Magic Travels (A great piece of music)
Majesty* (Composed by Carson*s Christian Midis and added with permission. If you use any of his midis, of which I will be adding more, please suppy a link back to his site. His link is also listed below.)
Make It Real
Marble Halls
Matsuri (Guess you can tell I*m a big fan of Kitaro.)
Mayuka (This one just makes me feel happy.)
Meadow Morn
Meakon River (Seqenced by Sujin Wonglakorn)
Meditation (Definitely a far eastern sound)
Meet Me Halfway (Thank you, Sberry)
Memory (From cats.)
Miami Vice Theme (Special thanks to Starman for this one.)
Mid East Tune (Sorry, I Don*t know the title)
Montego Bay (Forgive my straying here but hubby & I spend 15 glorious days in Negril every May and I couldn*t resist.)
Moonswept Shores (Oh, how this reminds me of the sunsets in Negril!)
Moorea (A favorite of "LeProfessor") To visit his marvelous help site, "Click Here"
Morning Light (By David Lanz)
Morning Has Broken
Mummer*s Dance (Loreena McKennitt) This was a special request tune.
Music Box Dancer (I*ve always liked this one)
Music Of My Heart
Music Of The Night (Phantom of the opera)
My Child (A beautiful tune)
My Little Girl
My Funny Valentine
My Heart Will Go On
My Immortal
"Mystery Midi" (That means I don*t know the name)

Nature*s Lament
Nearly Tomorrow
Needing A Friend (Don*t we all?)
New York, New York
Nights In White Satin (A favorite of Hubby*s & mine)
Nocturne (Classical & Peaceful)
Nostalgia (Yanni, again)

One Man*s Dream (Yanni)
One Moment In Time
Once Upon A Time (Yanni)
Only A Shadow (Contributed by Shirley)
Only Time (I*ve received numerous requests for this one)
Open Arms (Journey)
Oriel*s Window (By Enya)
Oriental Rain (A charming oriental sound)
Orinoco Flow (Enya)
Out Of The Mist

Pan*s Flute (Another "Roger*s Midis" original)
Peaceful Morning
Peace & Harmony (I actually created this one.)
People (Found by my good friend, Maria)
People (Rendition #2 - I couldn*t make up my mind.)
Piano Man (Billy Joel)
Please Forgive Me (A special request by Debbie)
Power Of Love (I really relate to this one.)
Power Of The Dream
The Prayer (Contributed by "Sberry")
Promise, The

Questa O Quella (Andrea Bocelli)
Quiet (Simply beautiful music.)
Quiet Man (Yanni)
Quiet Wishes (Aren*t they the best kind?)

Rain Forest (by Sujin Wonglakorn)
Rainman (I loved that movie.)
Rain Song (Thanks to all who corrected me on the name of this song)
Reason (An Original sequence sent to me by Ling, a lovely lady from Singapore.)
Red, Red Wine (Another island mood tune)
Reflections Of Passion (Another great Yanni tune.)
Reminisce (Absolutely beautiful)
Reverie (Day dreaming music)
Rhapsody (Deeply moving)
Romance Guitar
Romanza (Andrea Bocelli)
The Rose (A special request for Lisa)

Samba Pa Ti (Santana - also requested by Judy.)
Secret Vows (Simply romantic.)
Seduces Me
Send In The Clowns
Serenity (Just a beautiful tune.)
Shenandoah (Special request from Jim Lahey for his wife of 47 years.)
Silk Road (Kitaro.)
Silver Springs (Also contributed by Silverminnow)
Somebody (Simple but pretty)
Sometimes When We Touch
Somewhere In Time (Found by my dear friend Herb, who also has a great midi site."Click here to visit")
Somewhere Out There
Song For The Day (Great way to begin the day.)
Sound Of Silence (A Simon & Garfunkle medley.Thanks, Rosie :-))
Spinning Wheel
Spirit (A song for the soul.)
Starman*s Theme (Actually, we haven*t a clue.)
Starry, Starry Night (Thanks again Starman.)
St. Elmo*s Fire
Stars (From Les Miserables)
Storms In Africa (Enya)
Sun & Moon (DD grabs from Starman*s e-mail!! with permission!)
Sunlit Garden
Swan Lake (from my original background)
Swept Away (Another beautiful tune by Yanni)

Tell Him (Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand duet)
Time To Say Goodbye (Andrea Bocelli! I saw a live performance & fell in love!)
This Is The Moment (This is how I felt when I won Draac*s award!!)
Those Were The Days
Through The Years (Kenny Rogers)
To Go Beyond (Yet another by "Enya")
Too Much Love (Never enough love!)
Tormento d* Amore (A classical piece)
Tranquility (hehe! Starman again.)
Tropical Rain (Don*t you just love the sound of gently falling rain?)
Turn Around (Reminds me of my children.)

Unanswered Prayers (I believe all prayers are answered - we may simply not understand the answer.)
Unchained Melody (A hauntingly beautiful rendition.)
Unexpected Song (Sarah Brightman)
Unicorn Dance (Imagine two unicorns romping in the moonlight.)
Un Petite Mixage (Another beautiful Kitaro piece)

Veil Dance (This unique piece of music was composed and contributed by Christopher Burke. Thank you Christopher)

Watermark (By Enya)
We Are Family (Aren*t we all?)
We Are The World
What*s New Pussycat? (My Karma Cat*s Theme song.) (To visit her site,click here)
A Whole New World (Wouldn*t it be great?)
Will Of The Wind
Wind Beneath My Wings
Winter Snow
Winter Sonata (Thank you Nixtan)

Yanni (I call it "Thanks For The Memories)
You and I
You Light Up My Life
You*ll Be In My Heart (Tarzan)
You*ll Never Walk Alone (Requested by Jo Ann)
You Must Love Me (From Evita)
You Raise Me Up (Sequenced by"Redsal" My sincere thanks for permission to add this song.)
Your Song (Elton John)

Zeal Deal (That*s the name! Jamez said it*s from a video game.)

Special acknowledgments to the people who have helped me create this site; My hubby, Deep Diver (who helped me with spell checking & html codes)

Carson*s Christian Midis* My heartfelf thanks to Carson Hall, the webmaster of this great site not only for for his beautiful music but for his permission to add them to my site.

Frequent visitors to my "Midi Ocean" know that I only add the type of sounds that I feel are "music for the spirit". Carson*s beautiful music certainly is in that category.

Starman, (who had the patience of Job, in finding the "finest" renditions of what I was searching for!) He didn*t want to be recognized, but I could not have done this page without his help! Actually a lot of these midis came from his personal collection. I think he is beginning to think twice about e-mailing me because I want every tune he has. He has however, most graciously allowed me to have them! To you, Starman goes "Huge Hugs"and gratitude!

Paul129 - what can I possibly say about my very dear and trusted friend, Paul? Let*s just say that in an ocean of hungry sharks, he is the dolphin who is always there to guide me through troubled waters to a safe haven! I can think of no greater compliment! He also just happens to have a terrific help site named "for Webtv beginners" Please do not let the name fool you - it is loaded with useful information for all of us! To visit his site, just "click here". You*ll be glad you did!

I have created a separate Awards site to allow for faster loading of this midi site. Any new awards I am fortunate enough to receive, will be displayed here until (and) if I should be fortunate enough to earn another. To see the awards I have previously won, click the link below the latest award.

This award was received on July 15, from Sanna & Robert. My sincere thanks to both of them, for this lovely award.

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