Welcome, Please read message below. Thank-you.

Hello friends, I lost my beautiful friend and Companion on November 4, 2005. You may click the image below to see her memorial page if you would like. I know a lot of you knew her in a way from this webpage.

You may now see our page. Thank-you for coming. ~Enjoy~ our memories.

Hello folks. My name is Lady and I welcome you to my second homepage! I am a sable german shepherd! My owner is Janea. I hope you do enjoy our little page.

Here are some pictures of me below. The first one I was a puppy. I do hope you enjoy them!

Yes I believe I was around 7 months old here. Just a baby.

Here I was around 2 years old! We shepherds can be quite majestic looking. And I do not like cats.

This is ma and I. She had a good friend make us this snowglobe!

My words to you are this: If you pet owners treat us with love we will be your companions as long as we live! I can say Janea and I are very close. We are very good friends. I have been with her for 8 years now. I would protect her to the death if the need be. I appreciate her and shes returns my love! Please treat your animals good. We love you.

Here is our award for you pet owners that love your animals!

Here's My awards I won. Thank-You mom.

Hey Dexter Dog, thanx for the award. Bow Wow!

Please email us at link below if you want our award.

Thanks for coming. We do hope you liked our page. If you know of any good pet site links, please mail us and we will add them to our links were adding soon. Thanks and please come again. Please go to next page. For more pics and info about shepherds. The third page are our pet links. We need more.

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