Music Makes the World go RO-OO-OUND

Music Makes the World go RO-OO-UND

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~ Due to the "Midi Controversy", music has become a commodity with WebTV users. WebTV users have no access to a soundfile directory, therefore, we must link to others for music. Make sure the music is of public domain, you have permission, or the music site specify its usage.

~For more information concerning the music issue, visit the sites listed below.~

  • Music Relief Association

  • Net4TV Voice: MIDI Company Sues HomePage Builders

  • 10 BIG MYTHS About Copyright Explained

  • Linkable Midi Sites can be found at ~WebTV Help Sites~

  • ~Music has no barriers and everyone can seem to relate. You will find places to buy your favorite CD's, posters, prints, photos, and frames, get the 4-1-1 on music, customize your own CD's, and I would like to welcome you to some of HamptonRoads local radio stations.~

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    Music - "Fire It Up" by Busta Rymes