~The KeyBoard Wizard~

~Every now and then you hear music that really strikes a chord. Beautiful sounds of accoustic guitar, accoustic piano, mastic guitar, saprano sax, and lots of drums and percussion. This man's music is the new age jazz, light with an upbeat. It is no other than Michael Walthius. Please check out "his" sounds.~

~These tunes were made for WebTV. If you use any of them, please give credit to the composer/musician.~

  • kw_fnk01.mid
  • kw_fnk03.mid
  • kw_jaz01.mid
  • kw_mel01.mid
  • kw_mel02.mid
  • kw_pop01.mid

  • kw_syn01.mid
  • kwl_sy01.mid
  • kwl_sy02.mid
  • kwl_sy03.mid
  • kw_clp01.mid
  • kw_clp02.mid

  • ~ Music is Copyright 1996, 1997 by Michael D. Walthius. All Rights Reserved.~