~The One-Man Band~

~I love a diversity of music. This young man writes symphonic rock with a "touch of nature". He plays all the instruments from the drums, the keyboard, the guitar, to the bass, and, he is the sole producer. This man is no other than Bjornn Lynne, once known as "Dr. Awesome". Please check out "his" sounds.~

~These tunes can be used as background music on your webpages. If you use any of them, please give credit to the composer/musician.~

  • A Presence in the Air
  • In the Cave
  • Lounge Living
  • Funky Guppy
  • X-mas Zpireet

  • The Chaos Warrior
  • The Sinister Maze
  • JayWalkin'
  • WitchWood
  • Valley of the Clouds

  • The music on this page was composed and produced by Bjorn Lynne.

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