~The Jazz Man~

~Jazz has always been a favorite of mine, but now, in my mature years(smile), I can really appreciate the smooth, sometimes, upbeat sounds. This young man sounds are smooth, upbeat, and it has "soul". It is no other than Axel Hufeland. Please check out "his" sounds.~

~These tunes can be used as background music on your webpages or for your listening pleasure. If you use any of them, please give credit to the composer/musician.~

  • The SunShine In Your Eyes
  • A Stroll at Sunset
  • Freak's Place
  • Soul City
  • Feelings
  • Nite to Dawn

  • Love Waves
  • Misty
  • Weekend in Paris
  • Harbor Lights
  • Houseproud Mrs. Petty
  • Nights

  • The music on this page was composed by Axel Hufeland.