Hayes Kent~This site is dedicated in loving memory of Todd Hayes Kent. He will be truly missed, but never forgotten.~

~This is an educatational site for all spider fans that addresses the conservation of nature.~

~This site has been rated 8.5 and 3.0. SpeedyAdverts is a non-profit organization working for Charity & Mission Aids. Their mission is to help people in need, especially homeless children around the world.~

Blue Steel Great Pyrenees~This website is a dedication and celebration to The Great Pyrenees breed.~

~Competetive prices and personalized service for all your design needs. They do logos, letterheads, business cards, slogans, website design, book covers, custom screensavers, regular screensavers, buttons, banners, CD Covers, editing and much more.~

~This site shares the RAVEN LaLonde Family while providing a fun atmosphere for its guest.~

~This site is a personal site dedicated to the Native American People & Cherokee Heritage in hopes of educating, informing & and bringing awareness to the Native People.~

~WebMaster's art work, graphic design, and photos. Extensive resource for information on the country of South Korea, as well as a resident award program.~

~Young lady's creation with various things to see and enjoy. My favorite was The Midis page. Stroll on over and take a look.~

MidNite Passion's Rooms~A touching story about abuse and how to overcome the abuse and still lead a productive life. This is an inspiration for others. Included are links to Domestic Violence Help and much more.~


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