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Shoot for the Moon Award Winners

 Blue Diamond Award
..Mi web personal..
 Felix Bongers Web page
My page has. Family Tree.Poems.Jokes. Quotations.Stories.Angels.Unicorns. Fairies..Family-Photo's. URL's.Page-Translation.All Universal Currency Converter .882 Awards In its name. Christmas pages.Valentines gifts.Saints & Sinners..Backgrounds.Over 200 Free Home-pages.Links.And much more
 Friskies Place
My web site has pre-made sigs, Linkable midis, gifs, backgrounds. It also has tools to help you out. It now has a card site, and F-keys...
 Pam Place
Pleasures for the soul...inspirational sites to enjoy.
  Rice Paddy Stew & Saigon Tea
combat medic tour of Vietnam
 TeSsie's friendspage!
a very nice site where you can find lots of pictures about anything you want! i'll find it ;) you can also make lots of friends and watch video clips! actually it's a dutch site but if you don't click immediatly on the buttons in the left bar, you will see the english translation! so i hope to see ya soon!XXXtessie
  ~ Loretta's Kalidescopes ~
assortment of fun kalidescopes

 Cat's Meow
  Andrea's animal site
birds, pets, cats, horse, garden, ...
 Catnips Corner
Acommunity for people owned by their pets. Also now featuring sig's w. dolls & pets. come join us and make a friend or two. :))
  Kalamu means pencil in Swahili
I am an artist, poet, and musician. My site features my artwork, my poetry, and information about my family.
  Sandpiper's Nest
This is a homepage with Sandpiper's gallery and different sections dedicated to native American culture and artists, travel, Pow Wows, webdesign and more.
  Vanessa Branch Online
Has all you need to know about the talented actress that plays 'Paige' on Port Charles.

 Love Lives Here
  My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer For All Nations!
This is a church web site desdicated to God, We have picture gallery, Indian gospel songs, wallpapers, testimonies, miracles & much more. If you have a testimony about God, you can tell us. God Bless ~sis anne

 Majestic Award
  My Refuge
A site on various abuses and how to eleminate them, also pictures and information on endangerd animals^_^

 Rare Find Award
  TimberCarver.Com home of Cherokee TimberCrafts
Devoted to the Art and Promotion of Woodcarving ,Website Awards and Free Wood Buttons & Backgrounds..

 Shoot for the Moon Diamond
  BigEye Siteport!
Internet siteport and Award Program!
  Christine & Family's Homepage
My site is dedicated to my family. It has a links page for victims of domestic violence, a welcome to Australia page, a relaxation page and much more.
  Dakota Ridge Weim
We have the best weims in the show and field areas. We are one of the top few breeders that win nationally. These stunning animals are truly man's best friend. We also have Dakota Ridge limited artwork WEIM IN HIS PRIME, WEIM TIME, or SHADES OF GRAY by national know wildlife artist John C. Green.
  Dannettes favorite sigs & sites
favorite sigs & sites of my friends & ohters! Fun & Games
This site has lots of cool games, funny pics, one cool web cam that you move and zoom, Fun Chat Rooms, And cool links to other fun sites, And lots more..... Fun & Games is one Cool Fun site.
  Frank Zamora's Web Site
Dear Laine: You have done so much for so many, and I thank you. Regards, Frank Zamora
 Ivan's Homepage
This site contains a links page of my favourite Australian past-times, a bit about me and much more.
  Just A Place
little place for encouragement
  k00kie's korner
Hi Laine, well my site is about what I i'm all about, Links, Links and more Links, if you don't find it there you won't find it anywhere LOL Take Care, as always, LynnLynn :-)
 Le Terre-neuve Björnungen
Newfoundland breed in France whith love and passion. puppy's pics, show, grooming...
  Literatura para Letras
Brazilian site of Brazilian and Portuguese literature. Arts (Music, Paint, Esculpture and Moovies).
 Little Feather Center
Native American owned and operated Center located in Pipestone, MN. This site is the virtual Center, and gives information on quarrying the sacred red Catlinite, making pipes, and the true stone from the Pipestone quarries. Information is also given on a Native American cultural awareness program, the Spirit of Peace Museum that is located in the Center, and the local Petroglyphs among other things. Do come by for a visit, you are most welcome.
 loren de angel
a cute site dedicated to my pet loren, includes, ecards, linx to other gr8 sites, his outstanding pictures, banner linx and much more, so come on in and c for urself ... :)
 Love Romance From Patricia27k
love, romance, poetry,sexuelabuse white childeren,reap whit childeren
 Newtown School
The website introduces Newtown Primary School, a multicultural School located in Wellington, New Zealand. The site is designed to provide information about Newtown School and to be a resource for the school community.
  Rob Rosen - Gay Author
My site is devoted to my work as a first time gay novelist. It describes my life and my dreams of becoming a writer, as well as my life with my wonderful husband, Ken. There are also several travel picture logs and a complete links page. My site offers an uplifting and encouraging look at a gay author in San Francisco, which reflect positive themes that both the gay and straight communities will enjoy reading about and viewing. Thanks and enjoy!
 Signatures And So Much More
A wonderful site to come and browse through or even request something. Everyone is soooo friendly.
It's the official website for Blackfeet / Umatilla artist SkyHawk, his resume, bio, gallery, travel log, pages for kids and reflections for adults. This site is in english and french.
 The Washington School Information Processing Cooperative
WSIPC is the leader of educational information services providing integrated technology solutions for delivery to educational communities
Poetry of my own and my favorite ones.
 Totally Kids
This site is designed specifically for kids. It has a jokes page, cooking page, Australia page, toy box and much more.
 Wowgraphics- Graphics for E-mails and Homepages
On the Wowgraphics site you find a number of different graphics for e-mails, desktop and homepages, like backgrounds, banners, buttons, icons, and wallpaper. Very special are the animated names that I also make on request. Apart from that I have a greeting card service with self created cards. All graphics are made by myself and not collected from other sites.

 Shoot for the Moon Excellence
 BigEye Siteport!
Internet siteport and Award Program!
  Bob Lets Grow Old Together
My site was made with love for the ones I love, My children, My Grand-Children, and my soul Mate! I have poems, Things to join and I also give awards!
 Cairns And Friends
We have fun stories about each of our girls. Two Cairn Terriers and a Poodle. We also are trying to educate all on companion animal abuse, puppy mills and rescue.
  Firebase Tennessee
Links for Veterans, Reunions, Medal of Honor Recipents, Title 38, POW/MIA, Agent Orange and much more including a Chat Room.
 Gene & Linda G's
Gene & Linda G's is a family album and update site that supports a page for each member, Midi, 9/11 Memorial, Award & Award Program, Link and Parting Gift pages.
  Geri's World
Geri's World - a world of friendship, fun & laughter, dedicated to friends from all over the world who are keen in penpalling and swapping. Not forgetting my own original collection of poems, inspiring friendship/love/life quotes, online games, household tips, recipes of Western & Asian cuisine and other features too. It's family oriented and suitable for all ages and for all people from all walks of life.
  Katherine's Whispers of The Heart
All original poetry for my heritage The Eastern Band Cherokee Nation. Inhanced with graphics and music in my native language (The Trail Where They Cried, is factual writen on one of the murals from the Museum of The Cherokee Indians, Cherokee, Nc. It is also on a three part multi media CD presentation for the museum). Tributes for my profesion Police, Fire, Rescue, 911. Military Tributes and Rememberence of 09-11. American Soil represents my home state for United We Stand. Romantic poetry.
  keLisa's Corner for WebTv
graphics from A-Z, tons of them in lots of categories and just added holidays page. Lots of html stuff, tools, fun & more
  Lonewolf's Den
Touches on a variety of things. My love of Native American culture,humor,joke,surprizes, midis,halloween goodies.
 Navy Wives and Families
A site for anyone with a loved one in any branch of the military!
  Sandy Loves Robert
A page of Love for my Husband. Also an In Memory Page for our loved ones that returned home to God. A link to Our Memorial Page for Sept.11. ** we also won Laine Love Lives Here Award**
 Survivor's Empowerment Zone
SEZ is devoted to the fight against domestic violence. A place for both victim's and survivor's, to gain knowledge, get resources and support from others who understand all the emotions involved, both during and after abusive situations.
History of a WWII Destroyer Escort ship, the DE-386 Savage; and my father's wartime experiences in the U. S. Coast Guard and Navy.
Poetry/Literary website for Award Winning Poet / Author Elizabeth Fuller - her work, her words, her world
By finding myself, I found love and acceptance and the chance to help others as well!
We are an Excite Chat community resource center providing the very best when it comes to Mega's... Music...Programs...Wav's and much more...If we don't have it you can't get it...Do you dare enter the Portal
  WOlf Protection
Wolf Protection

 Special Achievement Award
All about the art and the life of Bibi Ferreira and Edith Piaf. Great! - 2002

 Special Awards
'Tis a harbinger of truth---delving into the philosophies of my boyz, history, politics, the mind, & all things quintessential.
  Eat More Grits
Mona obsession definately, but lots of good reading. All true, humorous stories. Take two aspirin before entering.
  Faye Wong - memory book
This is a site dedicate to my favorite Chinese pop singer Faye Wong. There would be her profiles, photos, and about her music
 Gif's Palace
Free gif's,webrings,guestmap,free for all links,kinderpagina,werkhoekjes enz.
  Steen's Hjemmeside
Game cheat, Driver download, Cartoons/Clipart, Links, Family, Africa, Live, Weather, Awards Received, topsites, backgrounds, cool art..

 Top Site Award
  Abandon Adversity
About our Native American Indian community w/old stories & interesting/fun/educational links.

 Veterans Award
  Rice Paddy Stew & Saigon Tea
Combat medic tour of Vietnam, 1968-69.

 Wildlife Protector Award
  Big Marine Fish
Extensive website about the need for conservation of giant bluefin tuna, marlin, swordfish, sailfish and sharks - photos (including many world records) - Atlantic population trends and causes of declines - and articles about big game fish and fishing.
 White-tail Deer
All the information/photos you can find on white tail deer.
 Whitehawk Akitas
A tribute to our loved Akitas, The Wolf, American Indian, Music, Poetry, Pow/Mia's.

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