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Our Loved Flag

The flag of our nation flies freely and strong,
That star-spangled banner of patriot song.
She's carried in honor, our red, white and blue,
All over the earth, liberty to pursue.
Her presence means freedom to all of the world.
On the tallest of mountains, our flag's been unfurled.
She's been planted firmly on the crust of the moon,
In Valley Forge snow and Iraqi's sand dune.

The fifty states joined in harmonious band,
Combined in one union, our glorious land.
Each star of the flag representing a state
Each one to the other no more nor less great.
Our fathers and sons and our daughters have fought
That our flag to dishonor shall never be brought.
We salute it, we love it, we carry it high;
Tip your hat, touch your heart, our loved flag's passing by.

Author.. Copyrighted.. ŠJoyce Johnson 08/13/03
...All Rights Reserved...

thanks Marge.. Marge Tindal's Native American Poems

Marge Tindal's Native American Poems 2

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