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Code For All Users + CookieRestore & 2.6 Update


Press Your Info Key To View and/or Delete Cookies

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2.6 Users & "CookieRestore"
If you have accepted the 2.6 upgrade this tool or any tool based on the info panel will no longer work for you.

If you would like to retrograde or seek retrograde information please click below.

2.6 Report Retrograde

As you may have noticed our cookies are "blinking" on and off due to a flaw in the webtv server that maintains this information. Switchng users or Powering off and on may work to re-establish them for all domains, it has for me. To re-establish Cookies for this domain click below.
code by expanding head

Restore Cookies

If you would like to try a "new/old/new" V2.6 ViewDelete please find it below and remember the old instructions apply . Hope this works for you and thank you for using AdvancedUserToolz!

2.6/Upgrade ViewCookies

2.6/Upgrade DeleteCookies

Yes this really does work, This code is now as of this date the same as the tool that webtv says they will offer in the future. If the link shows yellow not red you got lucky and this option is open to you.
This has worked for me and many other so have faith
Best chance is after much time on line and NOT having switched users, remember if at first you don't succeed try again later eventually the link will show yellow. Love, Peace and Understanding

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