Thanks LadyDi, & "Ghosts of Halloween Present", for sending me such a very special award! ~10/18/00~

I am very honored to receive this scary award from "Lady Timeless" and her "Virtual Haunted House". She really knows how to spook ya! Thanks Jane! ~10/20/00~

Woopee! My werewolves (my sons, Chris & Alex), won 2nd place in LadyDi's Costume Contest! Thanks Di, for sponsoring it! ~11/16/00~

HalloweenQueen19 sent me this marvelously creepy award! Looks like my house, lol! Thanks Kim! ~11/21/00~


Thank you "Alfredo" aka the "Tablemaster", for gifting me with your fantastic fantasy award! ~09/27/03~

Thanks to everone who voted for us in HPO's Halloween Site Fest! ~10/31/09~

Thanks bunches to my good friend Marveline for this awesome award! Cool fireworks! ~10/16/13~