This site formerly belonged to llladybug aka Gail. She deleted her site in October of 2006 and asked me to take move and take over maintenance of her site. I was glad to do it. If you have any questions or find a copyrighted image on this site, please E-Mail Me!

You are free to use these graphics for your own personal webpages, but I ask that you upload them to your own files.

Ladybug Words

"Be My Luv" With Ladybug Lovers

Ladybug Copping Z's, Waking Up,
Smelling Flowers, "Click Here"

"Ladybug" Spelled Out In Scrabble Tiles

"Ladybug" In Shiny Metallic Font

"Ladybug" In Large Red Font

"Ladybug's Web" Banner

"Ladybug's House" Banner

"I Love Ladybugs" Banner
In Gold, Glowing Font

"Ladybugs" In Large Red Font

"Ladybug" Banner With Leaf, Four Ladybugs

Animated "Bug Eyed" Changing to
Big Ladybug Eyes

"Bug's Haven" in Flowers

Same Image, Animated

"Bug Lady" in Fancy Red Font

"Ladybug" Banner In Green and Red Font

"Happy July 4th" With Struttin' Ladybug
In Uncle Sam Hat

Adorable "Ladybug" Ladybug

"Ladybug" Banner in Red Hearts
and Stars Font

"Ladybug" in White Font With Red Stars
And One Animated Red Heart In Front

"Ladybug" In Red Swiss-Cheese-Style
Font With Halo

Struttin' Ladybug With "Ladybug"
In Large Red Font

Same Image, Slightly Larger

"Ladybug" in Animated Gold Font
On Red Background

"Ladybug" in Large White Font
With Ladybugs

Animated Ladybug Saying "I Miss You"

"Ladybug" in M & M Font

"Nursery Rhymes" With Ladybug On Leaf

"Ladybug" on Black and White Framed Oval

"Ladybug Picnic" With Ladybug
on Yellow Chequered Back

"Ladybug" Inside Oval
With Ladybug and Flower

"Ladybug" in Red, White and Blue Font
With Blue Ladybugs

Sad Ladybug on Leaf With
"Don't Let It Bug Ya! Life Goes On"

"Lazy Little Ladybug"
With Ladybugs In Grass

"Ladybug" With Three Ladybugs On Leaf
by Shannon

"Ladybug" With Huge Ladybug On Leaf
by Shannon

"Ladybug" With Ladybug Eating Daisy Leaf

"Ladybug" in Red and White Striped Font

"Ladybug" Inside Red Lace Valentine Heart

"Ladybug" In White Letters With Red Hearts

"Ladybug" In Large Yellow Font

Same Image, Smaller

Ladybug "Next" Button

Colorful Ladybug "Email Me" Button

Another Colorful "Email" Button

Ladybug "Fly Away Home" Button

Ladybug "Home" Button

Same Design "Welcome" Banner

Huge Ladybug "Guestbook" Banner

Ladybug Bars & Lines

Orange Ladybug Crawling Back and Forth

Red Ladybug Crawling Across Page

Row of Ladybugs

Another Row of Ladybugs

Row of Numbered Ladybugs

Row of Ladybugs,
Some With Open Wings

Ladybug and Flower

Ladybug Crawling Back and Forth

Ladybug On White Background
Crawling Across Page

Ladybug Crawling Fast Across Page

Row of Ladybugs, Some With Open Wings
Changing Colors

Ladybug Leaving Trail

Teeny, Tiny Red Dots

Red and Black Bar

Red Bar

Four Ladybugs

Pacman Ladybug

Vertical Row of Ladybugs

Orange Ladybug Crawling Up and Down

Ladybug Leaving Trail (Vertical)

Ladybug Crawling Across Page

Row of Black and White Ladybugs

Ladybug Backgrounds

Two Ladybugs in Beige Oval
On Green Background

Little Red Bugs On White Back

Muted Ladybug With Yellow Flower

Black and White Ladybug, Muted

Bright Ladybugs On Yellow

Fat Ladybug, Muted

Muted Ladybug Back

Double Border Back,
Red Borders With Black Dots

Ladybug on White Border,
Red Background

Ladybug On White Border Back

Another Ladybug On White Border Back

Mixed Bugs On White Border

Top Border, Ladybug On Green

Multiple Bugs Background

Nursery Rhyme

Ladybug, ladybug,
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire,
Your children will burn
All except Ann,
Who fell in the puddin pan