This site formerly belonged to llladybug aka Gail. She deleted her site in October of 2006 and asked me to take move and take over maintenance of her site. I was glad to do it. If you have any questions or find a copyrighted image on this site, please E-Mail Me!

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Ladybug Neighbors & Pals

Ant Dining on Leaf

Dancing Purple Ant

Ant Dining on Flowers

Dancing Red Ant

Pair Of Love Bees

Another Pair Of Love Bees

Bee on Flower With Sunny Good Morning

Two Bees Pollenating Flowers

Bee Wearing Bowtie

Bee Sleeping Inside Flower

Tired, Sleepy Bee

Bee Sleeping on Flower

Teddy Bear in Bee Suit With Bluebird

Another Teddy Bear in Bee Suit

Blue Butterfly With Pink Wings

Psychedelic Butterfly

Girl Butterfly in Pink

Animated Bed Bugs

Three Nap Buddies

Bug Sleeping In Easy Chair

Bug Rubbing Head

Strange Bug in Brightly Colored Shoes

Fiddling Grasshopper

Blue and Brown Bug

Green Bug in Blue Shoes

Mad Skeeter

Ticked Off Grey Bug

Letter Carrier Bug

Putrid Green Bug in Blue Shoes
Carrying Big Stick

Green Bug in Red High Tops
"On The Mark"

Sexy Dragonfly

Strange Animated Pink Bug

Angry Green Bug

Bug Flipping Pancake

Tumblebug With Treasure

Bug Talking on Phone

Praying Green Bug

Roach Reading


Grasshopper Brightly Dressed